Three Listing Lies and How Parachute Addresses Them

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1. List with the Agent who has told you they have buyers for your property.

We hear this one a lot. But where is the advantage to you? Is your Agent working in your best interest, or their buyers? Are they motivated to get you the highest price, or their buyer’s the lowest? 

We call this “double-ending”, meaning the same agent is on both ends of the transaction; and while it can be successful, it is rare, and puts the Agent in a direct conflict of interest.

The truth is, regardless who you list with, the agent with buyers is obligated to bring to them any property that matches their criteria - so you can be rest assured you won’t be missing any buyers with other agents.

Parachute Approach

We believe wholeheartedly in advertising your property to as many buyers as possible, not just our own. So when we present to you our full market analysis, it’s our goal to position you in such a way that gets you the most money in the least amount of time. We never use our buyers as leverage to get a listing; instead we rely on our researched and comprehensive approach to pricing, estimating market time and advertising approach.

2. Start with a high price and bring it down if need be. No harm done.

The typical storyline goes something like this: 

Asking price that’s too high = No showings 
No showings = No offers
No offers = Long market time
Long market time = Price reductions
Price reductions = lower offers

The reality is almost backwards to what you’d expect, isn’t it? Often time starting too high means you’ll sell for less than you could have had you started out properly to begin with. 

Parachute Approach

We are very thorough in our research with respects to your property value. Pricing a home deals with two major components - objective value and subjective value. Objective value takes the nuts and bolts of your home and compares them directly with homes in the area. For example, construction costs, and land value, etc. Subjective value accounts for elements which may not be tangible or scientifically quantitative. In other words, the grey area. 

Our experience has led us to being quite good at putting you in the right ballpark with objective and subjective value, ensuring your priced competitively for the market area. We show you your value range as well as the relation between your value and estimated market time. We provide you the information which allows you to feel absolutely confident in your decision. A lot of our business comes from sellers who were unable to sell with other agencies, and instead relied on our detailed market analysis to price their home accurately and sell successfully. 

3. Buyers will find my home in the newspaper

Believe it or not, many sellers have held onto the opinion that the newspaper is a strong avenue of buyers to their home. It certainly used to be, but when is the last time you picked up the newspaper and called on a listing you saw? The reality is, the newspaper is a seller’s game. 

The selling agent puts their listings in the paper, which satisfies those sellers and causes potential sellers to call that agent so they too can see their home in the paper And so the cycle continues. Where are the buyers? They’re on the internet, exploring and browsing, getting loads of information and seeing dozens of photos (not just a thumbnail).

Parachute Approach

We go to where the buyers are and give you and your property the most brilliant web presentation and promote it through the network of Realtors (who have the buyers) and on social media where friends share with friends. Our clients have seen incredible traffic through this method. It’s effective, and that’s what we like.

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